Kaan L Caglar

Hello! I’m Kaan.

With almost two decades of experience in enhancing customer experience (Cx) across diverse industries, including health, travel, publishing, automotive, entertainment, hospitality and fashion, I have developed expertise in recruiting and leading teams across four continents. My core competency lies in building responsive web and native mobile applications and bringing them to life from ideation to launch.

As a transformational design leader with a background as a product owner and a deep understanding of code, I have the ability to guide teams throughout the entire product lifecycle, delivering exceptional customer experiences that drive business value.

Below, you can view some examples of my work.

HeyGroup, Deutschland

heycar Mobile Application

Role: Research & Design Lead, Design Sprint Facilitator

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Tourlane GmbH

Improving the design process to make sure we’re building more user-centric products and features

Role: Lead Designer for The Trips Area

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IDEO meets BVG

Distilling insights collected via design thinking research to create statements towards innovation

Role: Design Thinking Researcher & Experience Designer

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Human-Centered Idea Validation via Rapid-Prototyping — Case Study: heyChauffeur

Role: Project Lead & Experiment Design Lead

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Bite IOS Application

A food delivery platform for small to midsize restaurants.

Role: UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer

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Atdaa IOS Application

Foursquare/Google Maps with Noise Reduction.

Role: Head of Product & UX

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An Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform enabling clinics and patients access lab tests & imaging studies on demand.

Role: Product & UX Designer

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Health App

A conceptual exploration for Siri and IOS Health App combination providing healthy lifestyle habits.

Role: Market Research, Product Designer, UX/UI Designer

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Samsung Electronics America

Samsung Universe, Khan Academy Tablet App

Role: UX Designer

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Kaiser Permanente

Redesigning the user experience and interactions on Kaiser Permanente Hospital group’s website with ~1M visitors per month.

Role: Senior UX Producer

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UX Design & Visual Design Instructor

An 8-week UX & Visual Design Fundamentals Course on How to Build a Digital Product

Role: Instructor & Course Producer

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Now let’s talk about some other things..


I’ve been DJing since 2017 and find it very inspiring to play music for people because music has the ability to evoke powerful emotions.