Over the years, I’ve had the chance to work with great people. Here are some of them and what they think about me and my work. You can also find these recommendations on my Linkedin profile page.

Kaan is a very energetic and (positively) disruptive experience designer who very methodically puts the user first. For some projects at heycar he is also doubling as a product owner. He is a hard worker who has an abundance of curiosity and is always seeking to learn something new and to apply it in his daily work. Kaan has contributed significantly to forming a user-centric mindset across the company. He is a persistent yet very approachable and friendly colleague with a great personality.

..Kaan led our small team of a few designers and me as the sole engineer in a way that was truly remarkable. Though we were few in number and didn’t have a lot of mobile experience under our belts, Kaan was able to identify and leverage our individual strengths to make us highly productive. Kaan was so clear in constantly communicating the vision of the product that we were all able to operate in a highly autonomous fashion and still produce our individual pieces of the puzzle that fit together perfectly. It would be impossible to give Kaan a single title that would explain the role that he was playing for Atdaa Mobile. In the end he was part UX/UI designer, part project manager, part scrum master, and CEO! He did a masterful job of “wearing these hats” with a degree of energy, work ethic and curiosity that was inspiring.

Kaan delivers! I’ve been extremely happy to work with him on our product, where we had many challenges around UX/UI, and product development. With Kaan’s help, we were able to identify the most important things to tackle and make releases that changed conversions. He’s very good at defining the target user, understand their needs, then look at competition, and help us execute UX/UI decisions that makes our product more user friendly and competitive. He favors analytics over intuition and makes sure every optimization indeed reflect to improvement of key metrics. Also, I need to add that he’s easy to work with and a fun guy to be around. The fruitful sessions we had were a joy; they not only leaped our app forward, but also were enlightening for us to attain a strict target persona-centric mindset. In the team, he nurtured a discipline to say no to many features for the sake of simplicity and higher conversion rates.

Kaan is one of the most talented professionals I have worked with. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise in areas including project management, product development, email marketing, SEO, social media, and many other areas requiring technical and business savviness. His hard work resulted in SigortaDirekt’s high performance with SERP, recruitment of our CTO, and organization of our company’s workflow. I highly recommend Kaan to every early stage startup.

Kaan is a driven entrepreneur with unflagging energy. I was particularly impressed by his ability to use the scant resources of our pre-funded startup to marshall a development team, create an engaging advertising campaign, and attract high-profile mentors from across the industry. His extensive experience with the cultures of Turkey and the United States give him an essential cosmopolitan edge; I’m always curious to see what his next step is going to be.