An Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform enabling clinics and patients access lab tests & imaging studies on demand.

Role: Product & UX Designer


Wellbin is an electronic health records (EHR) platform letting clinics and hospitals store & deliver lab tests and imaging studies. The platform allows instant web access to studies to clinic/hospital staff, doctors, and patients. It also provides a business intelligence module to clinics letting them track metrics related to their business.


Wellbin is freemium service to patients letting them store all of their previous lab and imaging studies. On the other hand, the platform allows its users to track and compare their studies with each other while also helping them collect other health data through Fitbit integration.

On its dashboard, Wellbin summarizes the current state of user’s health.

As the product and UX designer, my main responsibilities and goals could be listed as:

  • Integrating the clinics health study access & individual patients platforms;
  • Improving the sign-up flow and acquire new users;
  • Designing and implementing new user-acquisition projects;
  • Rethinking Product Strategy with Value Proposition Canvas;
  • Designing the Wellbin for Clinics Landing Page & Sales Deck;
  • And, help design a new product line: EHR for HR Departments.

Integrating the existing platforms


When I joined Wellbin, clinic patients were accessing their studies on a separate website (Wellbin Lab) than wellbin.co by using a ticket they’ve received from the clinic that performed their study. The patients would need to enter their ID number, then the code on the ticket to view their study. The UX of this whole process had some flaws making it harder for them to access their studies. Below, I listed two scenarios that could make the patient’s life harder:

– If the patient loses their ticket, they had to contact (call/email) the clinic and go through a time consuming process to be able to access their data;

– Unfortunately, the patients didn’t know if their study was ready and accessible on the platform. They had to keep checking the website;

More importantly, after talking to some patients, we understood that they were not aware of what was really going on. They somewhat realized that Wellbin was a technology partner delivering the studies on behalf of the clinic, but they didn’t really understood that the platform would also let them keep their studies forever & for free. The value proposition was not heard by everyone.

We designed a seamless user scenario and implemented a health study result viewing experience while increasing the user acquisition.

Sign-up flow for clinic patients who don't have a Wellbin account
Sign-up flow for clinic patients who don’t have a Wellbin account
Studying each user's needs helped us define the overall journey on the platform  
Studying each user’s needs helped us define the overall journey on the platform

After its implementation, the new flow increased the total number of users by 13X in about 4 months.

Here’s how the new flow worked:

– When the patient’s study was completed, it was available on the platform instantly, and Wellbin sent an automated email with a secure access link to their study (this was no longer the Wellbin Lab, instead to wellbin.co). They did not need to sign up to Wellbin to be able to view it. (According to the agreement between Wellbin and the clinic.)

– The email also informed the patient about Wellbin’s role as the technology partner of the clinic, and proposed its value as a free personal EHR platform.

– On the study access page CTAs reminded the user about the benefits of using Wellbin. We differentiated the CTAs according to the number of studies patients had. If they had other studies from the same clinic, we’d tell them something like “You have 3 more studies from XYZ clinic. Create a Wellbin account to securely save them and access at any time.”

– We also designed a new sign-up flow (below) to make sure we created them an account seamlessly. We matched their personal information (ID & email) with the clinic’s database and created their account that has access to every study they have from that clinic.

Artboard 2.png

Testing the flow was important to us. We set up event triggers throughout the form and started collected metrics from each page and form field. This way, we were able to see where users were dropping or what error messages they were seeing the most.

Artboard Copy.png
Artboard Copy 5.png
Artboard Copy 4.png
Artboard Copy 3.png
Artboard Copy 2.png

As a result, two separate platforms were integrated. Clinic patients were landing on Wellbin and being informed about the platform and benefits of using it. This was a better way of introducing the platform and letting the users benefit from it under the actual brand image.

Designing and implementing user-acquisition projects

A lot of clinic patients have received their health studies via Wellbin in the past. Most of these patients just viewed their reports at the time, then left the site and never saw the need to sign-up to Wellbin. Their studies were still on Wellbin databases, and looking at the data informed us that many of these patients had multiple studies.

One of the most common problems among patients is the need to keep records of studies at a safe place for future reference. With time, these reports pile up and it becomes cumbersome to keep track / organize them.

Wellbin letting users keep all of their health studies in the same place with an organized manner was one of the most important value propositions for the platform. We designed a new strategy to convert patients with existing studies in our database to new users.

Below, you can see the emailing campaign we’ve designed to acquire clinic patients who’ve used Wellbin to view their results in the past, but never created an account:https://invis.io/B5D5KI1ZC?wmode=opaque

Re-thinking the Product Strategy by using Value Proposition Canvas

As you may have already familiar with Strategyzer’s Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas, they help product thinkers strategize their value proposition by considering every offering that matches the primary needs of their customer segments, then place them on a canvas. It totally worth the time to read their book and re-think your product’s most prominent value proposition and position it the right way in the market.

We completed both canvases for each of our customer segments and defined the product’s position in the market. To be able to make sure we have sufficient amount of input for this study, we gathered information from every possible angle:

  • Company vision and mission
  • Feedback from existing users on the platform
  • Market Analysis (Competitive market analysis, trends analysis, study of clinics in Buenos Aires)
  • Products and feature offerings for Clinics, Doctors, and Patients
This is how it looks when you complete Value Proposition Canvases for each customer segment and Business Model Canvas, then put them together.

Wellbin for Clinics Landing Page

Once we knew our exact position and offerings, it was easier to design our Wellbin for Clinics landing page. It helped us prioritize all of our offerings and laid them out nicely on the page.

Desktop HD - Productos y Servicios por Clinicas Copy 2.png
Wellbin for Clinics at a glance.

Wellbin for Clinics Sales Deck

We also needed a sales deck to send prospective clients in the industry. Making sure that the deck was informative and the information was easily consumed with the help of a minimal design. Below, you can take a look at the designs.

Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.001.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.002.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.003.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.004.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.005.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.006.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.007.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.008.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.009.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.010.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.011.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.012.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.013.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.014.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.015.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.016.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.017.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.018.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.019.png
Wellbin - Productos y servicios para clinicas Kaan2.020.png

EHR for HR Departments

One of the largest multinational corporations located in Argentina wanted to renew their processes in their HR department, and digitalize everything that belonged to their workforce. They were impressed with what Wellbin already had under its hood, and wanted us to come up with a prototype specific to their use cases.

We have prioritized their needs and use cases, then designed & implemented a prototype with the necessary modules on it. On its dashboard, the HR management can see every important metric about their operations at the department and metrics about their workforce at a glance. These metrics were chosen after we studies their existing analog processes. We also took advantage of diagrams such as heatmap, bar chart, scatter graph to better represent the big picture and let the top management to take action accordingly.

On the employee page, we designed a minimal UI for listing every information and existing health records that belong to the patient. We made sure the HR personnel was able to capture the current state of the user at a glance. The human-centric approach let the user easily access every information about the employee in just a couple of steps.


Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Thank you for reading!